Parent’s Corner



The National LIbrary of Medicine

This site offers a quick search for detailed information about any medication or condition. NIH is a division of the US Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Mecklenburg County Health Department

Use the link above to view any updates. For additional information or an appointment for clinic services, please call the Mecklenburg County Health Department at(434) 738-6545 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.  This site links to Virginia Department of Health.

 School of Health and Medicine

Online School Nurse orientation; forms for VA DOE required reports; online versions of our First Aid Guide & our yellow and white manuals.




Meet the Team

Nancy Mooney

Nurse Coordinator

Cindy Simpson, LPN

Chase City Elementary

Angela Hite, LPN

Clarksville Elementary

Susan Townsend, LPN

LaCrosse Elementary

Brenda Gill, LPN

South Hill Elementary

Crystal Nehme, LPN

Bluestone Middle

Tammy Crews, LPN

Park View Middle

Diana Wilkerson, LPN

Bluestone High

Holly Walton, LPN

Park View High