Division Contact Information






   Mecklenburg County Public Schools

175 Mayfield Drive P.O. Box 190

Boydton, Virginia 23917


Phone: (434) 738-6111

Fax: (434) 738-6679

District Map 




Director/Supervisor Contacts

 Mr. Paul Nichols  Division Superintendent   Ext. 1027
 Dr. Kristy Somerville-  Midgette  Assistant Superintendent   Ext. 1037
 Robin Moore  Food Services Supervisor  Ext. 1046
 Brian Dalton  Maintenance Supervisor  
   Director of Technology  
 Joan Hite  Director of Secondary Curriculum, Assessment,  and Data Analysis  Ext. 1056
 Bill Mayhew  Transportation Supervisor  Ext. 1044
 Christy Peffer  Director of Finance  Ext. 1022
 Nan Alga  Director of Personnel  Ext. 1003
 Tracey Rogers  Director of Elementary Curriculum, Assessment,  and Data Analysis/Federal  Programs  Ext. 1026
 Mary Hodges  Director of Exceptional Programs  

   Email Directory

 Name  Email   Title
 Josh Adams  joadams@mcpsweb.org  Technical Support Specialist
 Nan Alga  nalga@mcpsweb.org  Director of Personnel
 Angela Bacon  abacon@mcpsweb.org  Accounts Payable
 Mary Blanks  mblanks@mcpsweb.org  Payroll Clerk
 Wendy Bohannon  wbohannon@mcpsweb.org  Secretary of Exceptional Programs
 Kim Brown  kibrown@mcpsweb.org  Personnel Secretary 
 Sueann Burns  sburns@mcpsweb.org  SIS Database Specialist
 Angie Calhoun  acalhoun@mcpsweb.org  School Psychologist 
 Gary Cifers  gcifers@mcpsweb.org  CTE Coordinator
 Tennille Clark  tclark@mcpsweb.org  Secretary to Dept. of Instruction
 Donna Connor  dconnor@mcpsweb.org  Transportation Safety Officer
 Brian Dalton  bdalton@mcpsweb.org  Supervisor of Maintenance 

 Amanda Davis

 amdavis@mcpsweb.org  Speech Language Pathologist
 Carolyn Day  cday@mcpsweb.org  Accounting Clerk/Secretary
 Adam DeMuth  ademuth@mcpsweb.org  Technology Support Specialist
 Mary Dugger  mdugger@mcpsweb.org  Social Worker
 Chrystal Elmore


 Elsa Gardner  egardner@mcpsweb.org  Hearing Impaired Teacher
 Jeannie Garner  jgarner@mcpsweb.org  Secretary of Exceptional Programs
 Paula Giammatteo  pgiammatteo@mcpsweb.org  Executive Secretary to the Superintendent and  School Board Clerk
 Ron Goodwin  rgoodwin@mcpsweb.org  Senior Network Engineer
 Brook Hatcher  bhatcher@mcpsweb.org  Assistant Director of Technology
 Joan Hite  jchite@mcpsweb.org  Secondary Director of Curriculum, Assessment,  and  Data Analysis 
 Kathy Hite  khite@mcpsweb.org  Secretary to Dept. of Instruction
 Mary Hodges  mhodges@mcpsweb.org  Director of Exceptional Programs
 Margaret Holden  mholden@mcpsweb.org  Visiting Teacher
 Nancy Jimmerson  njimmerson@mcpsweb.org  Family Nutrition Program
 Stephanie Lucy  slucy@mcpsweb.org  Speech Pathologist
 Bill Mayhew  bmayhew@mcpsweb.org  Transportation Supervisor
 Elizabeth McDonald  emcdonald@mcpsweb.org  Receptionist/Accounting Clerk
 Faye Middleton  fmiddleton@mcpsweb.org  Transportation Secretary
 Nancy Mooney  nmooney@mcpsweb.org  Supervisor of Nurses
 Robin Moore  rmoore@mcpsweb.org  Supervisor of Food Services 
 Paul Nichols  pnichols@mcpsweb.org  Division Superintendent 
 Christy Peffer  cpeffer@mcpsweb.org  Director of Finance
 Patricia Ring  pring@mcpsweb.org  Occupational Therapist
 Tracey Rogers  trogers@mcpsweb.org  Elementary Director of Curriculum, Assessment,  and Data Analysis 
 Ashlee Smith  smith@mcpsweb.org  Technical Support Specialist
 Sharon Shuttleworth  sshuttleworth@mcpsweb.org  Receptionist
 Deputy Clerk of the School Board
 Amy Snodgrass  asnodgrass@mcpsweb.org  Administrative Assistant
 Kristy Somerville-  Midgette  ksomerville@mcpsweb.org  Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
 Patricia Stewart  pstewart@mcpsweb.org  Personnel Secretary
 Remona Tomko  rtomko@mcpsweb.org  iTRT
 Crystal Walsh  walsh@mcpsweb.org  School Psychologist
 Lannie White  lwhite@mcpsweb.org  Payroll Supervisor
 Sandra Winger-Jones  swingler-jones@mcpsweb.org  Alternative Learning Center, GATE Coordinator, SPED  Coordinator, Truancy  Officer
 Jason Winter  jwinter@mcpsweb.org  iTRT