Mecklenburg County Public Schools are responsible for setting high expectations for all students and providing the environment, instruction, and support to ensure that all students are learning and achieving as measured by rigorous standards. 


MCPS has a dynamic team of instructional personnel which help the overall development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of all division curriculum and instructional support programs within the school division. Programs for gifted, career and technical education, and special education services compliment instructional offerings at all grade levels. The Department of Instruction team works together with school-based administrators and teachers to support the educational process of our students and to ensure school improvement and standards associated with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) are implemented.

Meet the Instructional Department

Instructional Directors of Curriculum, Assessment, 
and Data Analysis 

 Mrs. Tracey Rogers   Mrs. Joan C. Hite Ms. Mary Hodges 
Director of Elementary Instruction   Director of Secondary Instruction Director of Exceptional Programs 

Instructional Coordinator Team


Mr. Gary Cifers
CTE  Coordinator