Attention Parents of Face to Face Students:
Each morning, students are expected to complete a COVID Self-Assessment. Please review these questions with your child and make sure they understand what they mean and how to answer them.
“Since yesterday,
  • have you had a fever?
  • have you had shortness of breath or has your chest felt tight?
  • have you had a runny or stuffy nose?
  • have you started coughing?
  • have you had chills or been shaking cold?
  • have you had an achy body?
  • have you had a headache?
  • has your throat started hurting?
  • have you lost your taste or smell?
  • have you had an upset stomach or been throwing up?
Students will give a thumbs up if their answer is yes and a thumbs down if their answer is no.
As a reminder, if your student has any of these symptoms, they should not come to school. Please keep them at home and let them do their work online. Help us by doing your part to stop the spread of COVID and other illnesses.