Bluestone High School will begin SOL testing on Tuesday, May 25. Science will test on May 25. English 11 will test on May 26. Math will test on May 27. History will test on June 2. Students who should participate in testing have been notified by their teachers.

May 24-28 and June 2-4 will be virtual learning days for BHS students; students will stay at home and access course instruction via Canvas.  June 1 will be a B day and B week students should attend school.  Students who are testing on May 25, 26, 27, and June 2 will come to school to test; all other students will be virtual learners on those days. In-person A week will resume the week of June 7 and in-person B week will finish our school year on June 14-16.  The full SOL calendar is available here. For questions, please contact your teacher or call the school at 434-372-5177.