Mecklenburg County Public Schools (MCPS) has offered dual enrollment courses in partnership with Southside Virginia Community College for many years. This service has been a positive opportunity for our students and community. There have been significant changes recently to the Dual Enrollment options for students due to updated expectations from the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV,) and due to the more limited number of teachers at MCPS that are certified to teach Community College classes.

MCPS will continue to offer Dual Enrollment classes when scheduling and staffing can accommodate high school and community college requirements. Additionally, MCPS students and parents may make arrangements to enroll students in SVCC courses at any time as the college will permit.  Such SVCC courses are at the expense of the parent and are to be taken outside of the regular school day.  These SVCC courses will be identified on the SVCC transcript only; they will not appear on the high school transcript.  Courses at SVCC cannot be substituted for courses that we offer for high school credit.