PEATC, in collaboration with the VDOE, invites families to join us in our newest online training course, Building Strong Parent Advocates.

Families of children receiving special education IEP TEAM services find themselves in a world filled with complicated policies, confusing acronyms and terms, and piles of paperwork. Often families find themselves looking for information and background knowledge to help them better support their children through the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The Building Strong Parent Advocates training provides information to help families build a solid foundation to understand the special education process while empowering them to be their child’s best advocate.

The training will take approximately 6 hours, and can be accessed anytime during the month indicated below.

Session Options:
June 6 through July 1-
July 11 through August 11-
August 25 through September 19- | 703.923.0010 |