Art Gate students have begun the process of turning the art room into an underwater paradise! Born from a student suggestion, the art room is now becoming a more inspiring environment for students to let their creative potential flow.
Art Gate is a place where gifted and talented artists are encouraged to explore ideas, work together and learn more about the creative process. Students began this project by creating rough sketches of undersea life and environments. They then took those rough sketches and began working on a final draft that incorporated color using colored pencils in order to explore how their final mural versions would be painted. Now, students have begun to paint animals and rock formations on the back wall of the art room.
Mr. Jancart serves as the art director for this project, mainly by helping students refine their rough sketches and colored pencil drafts and guiding students in laying out the mural. Throughout this process student voices are always heard and often their decisions become the final choices for the piece. “One of the highlights for me is to see the kids working together and learning how to make good aesthetic choices as a team” said Mr. Jancart.
While it may take time, the goal is to complete the entire art room.