Student of the Month

Collin Seamster is an eighth-grade student at Park View Middle School. He is a kind, helpful, and trustworthy young man who supports his friends and interacts with peers and teachers in a mature and respectful manner. He is a member of the Junior BETA club where he has committed some of his time to volunteering at the local community breadbox. He enjoys reading fantasy novels, especially the 5 Kingdoms series. While he performs well in all of his classes, his favorite subject in school is History. He excels in Math and is one of the top Algebra students at Park View Middle School. Collin rarely misses a day of school and if he does it is always an excused absence. Whenever teachers need a helping hand, he is usually the first one to volunteer.

Collin is a vital part of his family. He has a younger sister, and older brother. Outside of school, he has helped his grandmother with different projects and tasks at the American Legion. Not only is he an excellent son, grandson, brother, and student, but he is also a great friend.  Collin’s friends know that he is wise beyond his years so they are continuously leaning on him for guidance. He is a wonderful role model to his peers and, as one of his teachers put it, “he is just a wonderful person.” After school, he aspires to find a career as a stockbroker or business owner. We are lucky to have him as a part of our Cougar family.