The Courtesy Club at South Hill Elementary is an incentive program for all students to get in the habit of using great manners.  Each nine weeks one student is selected from each homeroom to enjoy a lunch and activity in town.  Members also get a Courtesy Club t-shirt to wear with pride.  The following students were recognized for displaying great manners while at school.  They were treated to lunch at Brian’s Steak house and a movie at South Hill Cinema.  Thank you to Ronnie Wells, Carleen Wells, and Sergeant Meredith for their participation in this program.
Wesley Jones, Ava Facchine, Alayna Bragg, Za’nijah Coleman, Courtney Rogers, Jaylen King, Jake Deal, Charli Thomas, Valentina Champlain, Grayson Clark, Aubree Bilak, Denisse Palacios, Jordan Jones, Ava Ellington, Julio Cruz Rodrigues, Andrew Malkin, Lydia Daniel, Kinsley Gaulding, Harmony Malone, Donovan Cabiness, Aiden Ragsdale, Brylee Allgood, Harmoney Moats, Ava Bourne, Hailey Simmons, Kimon Harvey, Colton Chapman, Caleigh Hazelwood, Elijah Talley, Ryley Kinker, Makayla Hensley, D’Arion Hargrove, Natalie Adams, Aubreigh Lafoon, Joy Robertson, Samaria Goode, Kyleigh Brooks, Matthew Thomas, Harper Arthur, Layla Mitchell