Message from Pam and Jan at Cardinal’s Nest:

We met with 10th graders at Bluestone High School to introduce them to the Career Tech Academy programs, Information Technology and Mechatronics. We also met with students during their lunches to let them know about our program and services and enjoyed getting to know the students and staff at Bluestone! We look forward to being there again in the future.

We are serving the counties of Mecklenburg, Charlotte, and Halifax as Global Career Development Facilitators and were hoping you could publicize the program, our services, and our regional career facebook page(RD4WK) on the schools web page and Facebook page.
We will be supporting the work of each school’s guidance and CTE departments to assist students with career development and to raise awareness of regional opportunities. We are focusing on reaching out to 10th grade students the months of December, January and February to make them aware of career and training opportunities. Future events will include career development meetings with students, field trips, and launching a regional career development website.