Bluestone High School is part of the Design Virginia grant. This grant will focus on college, career, and community readiness to prepare all students for their post-secondary experience. Our goal is to enable our students to have goal clarity about their future through meaningful advisory experiences, internships and apprenticeships, and integrating multiple content areas and knowledge with practical application. One major component of the grant is to develop workforce capacity and prepare students for postsecondary experiences. In addition, by building relationships with our community businesses, opportunities such as job shadowing and internships allow for an understanding of relevancy for students between high school and work. Relevancy promotes student engagement, enrichment of soft skills and work readiness skills, and success rates in high school and post-secondary experiences.

Bluestone High School is seeking assistance from our community. If you feel led to participate in this experience, please submit this survey  If you have any questions, please contact : Krystal Patton. or 434-372-5177