On November 1, 2023, Governor Glenn Youngkin issued Executive Order #28 which mandated that:

1) All parents within a school division shall be notified through regular communication channels within 24 hours of a school-connected student overdose, while always ensuring protection of student privacy.

2) Collaboration between local school divisions and state law enforcement to prevent student overdoses should be aligned.

3) The Virginia Department of Education shall provide information to school divisions and parents about education programs for students to develop decision-making skills and prevent violations of Virginia law, including state and federal efforts such as the One Pill Can Kill campaign led by the First Lady of Virginia and the Attorney General and the Attorney General’s Virginia Rules program.

Mecklenburg County Public Schools has chosen this method to comply with Executive Order #28 to allay any fear or panic of our stakeholders, all the while protecting student privacy.

Please understand that we are unable to answer any questions concerning any instance of a school-connected student overdose, in order to protect student privacy. However, we have put into place collaboration with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department and healthcare agencies to address the health, well-being, and character of our students as well as curricular components grades K-12.

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