Scott Worner, Superintendent

Welcome! Mecklenburg County Public Schools is an exciting place for students to learn, and for staff to work.

Our school division is fortunate to have the support of our parents, stakeholders, volunteers, and the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors as evidenced by our many dedicated volunteers, parent groups/booster clubs, community agencies/entities, and our recently constructed multi-million-dollar High School/Middle School Complex (2022) and current capital projects to replace Clarksville Elementary School (2025), Chase City Elementary School (2027), and LaCrosse Elementary School (2029).

Mecklenburg County has a population of just over 30,000 residents and we are extremely proud of our nearly 3,700 students (K-12). I believe that we have the best teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, coaches, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school nurses, technicians, clerical staff, librarians, maintenance/custodian staff, and school administrators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All four of our elementary schools and our two secondary schools (middle and high school) are FULLY ACCREDITED due to the fine work that our “village” of school staff, parents, and stakeholders have dedicated to their craft and to our students.

Our School Board is committed to the quality of our school programs and to reaching of each student’s potential through the efforts of our school division staff, the materials and facilities available, and the climate and culture throughout our buildings. However, as we strive to provide the optimum school experience for our students, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP AS WELL!

You can best support our students, our staff, and our programs by being actively engaged in our community through volunteering, participating in your children’s education by being present and interested in their daily studies, attending our many academic, musical, theatrical, and sporting events, scrolling through our school division websites:, or and by participating or attending (or watching on YouTube) our monthly school board meetings:

If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, we would be happy to hear about them – so please do not hesitate to contact your school(s) or the school board office.


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Dr. Scott C. Worner,