School Psychologists

Psychological Evaluations: Assess the cognitive and behavioral functioning of preschool and school-age children and hold conferences with parents to explain results and identify the educational and mental health needs of the child for students referred for special education services.

Behavioral Consultation: Conduct behavioral assessments on students who are having behavioral difficulties at school and work with teachers to develop behavior intervention plans.

Counseling: Provide group and individual counseling to special education students who require counseling as a related service and to general education students (on a limited basis).

Crisis Intervention: Respond to emergency situations that impact students and school staff and provide intervention and support.

Eligibility Team: Assist the eligibility team that decides whether a child qualifies for special education or Section 504 services.

Child Study Team: Participate in these meetings to assist schools in meeting the educational needs of general education students having difficulties.

Psycho-Education: Present programs, such as depression awareness, suicide prevention, disability awarness, and mental health resiliency relevant to students, teachers, administrators, and parents.


Crystal Walsh

Licensed School Psychologist
(434) 738-6111
(434) 210-6201 cell
La Crosse Elementary
South Hill Elementary

Melissa Punk

Licensed School Psychologist
(434) 738-6111
Clarksville Elementary
Bluestone Middle
Head Start
Mini Blessing
Clarksville Baptist

Dr. Sharon Lyles

Licensed School Psychologist
(434) 738-6111
(434) 265-0105 cell
Bluestone High
Park View High
Park View Middle

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