Remember the huge responsibility the bus drivers have as they transport your child to and from school. The bus driver is the first and the last school employee a child sees each day. The bus driver’s attitude/demeanor starts and ends your child’s school day. One of the A+ Bus objectives states that school officials counsel the drivers about the drivers about the great influence they have upon the beginning and ending of each student’s day. I think you will agree that their job is one of the most important and most difficult in the school system. Driving safely down the highway with your back toward 44+ children is a challenge! You and your child can help the drivers by showing them the respect they so rightly deserve. Reinforcing the school bus safety rules and reminding your child often of their importance will support the A+ Bus Program and help keep your child and others safe!

What You Can Do


Your responsibility is to help your child get to the bus stop at least five minutes early, discuss the A+ Bus safety rule with your child, and to see your child safely on the bus. The major school bus safety rules to reinforce at home are as follows:

  • 1. Sit with your back and bottom on the seat
  • 2. Use a safe voice level (speak only to person sitting next to you or read a book
  • 3. Respect others
  • 4. Report problems to parents, driver, teacher(s), and school administrators

More on how you can help your driver.


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