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Principal: Connie Puckett

Welcome to La Crosse Elementary School

Fruity Turkey

Ms. Clary’s third grade made a Fruity Turkey by following a recipe!

Kindergarten turkeys

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Field’s crew made turkey hats and they spelled their names with feathers.

Spirit Day

La Crosse Elementary staff and students showed our school support by wearing school colors and apparel on Spirit Day.

A Message from Mrs. Puckett

Mecklenburg County Public Schools is committed to the safety and social-emotional well-being of all students and employees. We know that in order to learn, students must feel safe, respected, and cared for. In our elementary schools, we work with our students to help them learn social skills. We help them learn to interact positively with others who may not look like them or who do not believe as they do in order to avoid name-calling, bullying, fighting, and other unhealthy conflicts. In each of our elementary schools, our employees continually work with our students to set clear expectations for behavior in all areas and for all interactions and we will continue to do so.

We are thrilled to be back in school in person, to see our students, and to interact again in learning. During our time away, we may have forgotten how to treat one another at school. We may have forgotten that a school is a safe place where we can put aside differences, accept one another, unite under the banner of school pride, and learn together as we prepare for future success beyond graduation. We are increasing our efforts to help our students interact with each other in kindness and respect, but we cannot tolerate bullying, fighting, or hateful behavior.

Our focus is on student learning and on helping our students make up learning from the time lost due to COVID-19. We appreciate our partnership with you, parents and guardians, as we work together to instill both academic knowledge and the interpersonal skills necessary for success.

Thank you,


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La Crosse Elementary School

1000 School Circle
La Crosse, Virginia 23950

Phone: (434) 757-7374

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