Central Office


(434) 738-6111

School Board Office

Mr. Paul Nichols

Division Superintendent

Ext. 21001

Mr. Abe Jeffers

Assistant Superintendent

Ext. 21037

Paula Giammatteo

School Board Clerk

Ext. 21027

Division Directors & Supervisors

Brian Dalton

Executive Director of Facilities and Operations

Ext. 21038

Joan Hite

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Ext. 21026

Robin Moore

Director of Food Services

Ext. 21046

Mary Hodges

Director of Student Services

Ext. 21016

Dr. Paige Lacks

Director of Federal and Special Programs

Ext. 21056

Christy Peffer

Director of Finance

Ext. 21022

Brook Hatcher

Director of Technology

Ext. 21014

Nancy Mooney

School Nurse Supervisor

Ext. 21021

Sherry Sheppard

Director of Human Resources

Ext. 21003


Josh Adams

Technical Support Specialist

Angela Bacon

Accounts Payable

Ext. 21004

Mary Blanks

Payroll Clerk

Ext. 21005

Wendy Bohannon

Secretary of Student Services

Ext. 21006

Amanda Bowen


Kim Brown

Personnel Secretary

Ext. 21020

Sueann Burns

SIS Database Specialist

Donna Conner

Transportation Safety Officer

Ext. 21405

Natalie Coronas

Career/Community Liaison Specialist

Ext. 21068

Carolyn Day

Accounting Clerk/Secretary

Ext. 21009

Amanda Davis

Speech Language Pathologist

Clarksville Elementary School
Bluestone Middle School

Mary Dugger

Social Worker

Ext. 21010

Chrystal Elmore


Elsa Gardner

Hearing Impaired Teacher

Ext. 21012

Joseph Grabaskas

Physical Therapist

Megan Hendrick

Director of College and Career Readiness

Ext. 21031

Brittany Jimmerson

Payroll Clerk

Ext. 21058

Nancy Jimmerson

Family Nutrition Program

Ext. 21018

Jeannie Garner

Secretary of Student Services

Ext. 21013

Donna Hallberg

Medicaid Billing / VACORP Specialist

Ext. 21030

Courtney Harper

Occupational Therapist

Stephanie Lucy

Speech Language Pathologist

LaCrosse Elementary
Park View Middle School
Park View High School

Dr. Sharon Lyles

School Psychologist

Ext. 21035

Megan Hawkins

Speech Language Pathologist

South Hill Elementary

Amy Hite

Curriculum Specialist

Ext. 21067

Sylvia Seamons

Transportation Administration Specialist

Ext. 21403

Matt Rulli

Systems Operations Specialist

Amy Snodgrass

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 21057

Elizabeth McDonald


Ext. 21040

Melissa Smith

School Psychologist

Ext. 21035

Cynthia Staten

Early Childhood Special Education Specialist

Melissa Smith

School Psychologist

Ext. 21035

Traci Sykes

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Patricia Stewart

Technology Support Specialist (SIS)

Ext. 21028

Ron Goodwin

Network Administrator

Margaret Holden

Visiting Teacher

Ext. 21017

Brenda Marion

Teacher for the Visually Impaired PreK-12

Ext. 21011

Megan Merrill

Occupational Therapist

Shamia Moody

Educational Diagnostician

Ext. 21058

Goldie Settles

Division Testing and Accountability Specialist

Ext. 20131

Amanda Reed

Speech Language Pathologist

Chase City Elementary
Bluestone High Schoool

Sharon Shuttleworth

Instruction Secretary

Ext. 21059

Erin Spence

Educational Specialist

Ext. 21050

Remona Tomko


Crystal Walsh

School Psychologist

Ext. 21032

Wanda Stowers

Ext. 21059

Ashlee Smith

Technology Support Specialist

FOIA Officer:
Paula Giammatteo, School Board Clerk
(434)738-6111 ex 1027
175 Mayfield Drive, Boydton, VA 23917

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Mecklenburg County Public Schools

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