We are so excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year! We know that this school year will operate much differently than any previous school year so we look forward to working with you and providing a safe and instructionally sound plan for the students of Mecklenburg County Public Schools.

Learning Management Systems

MCPS LMS Info graphic

There are three district-supported Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are used in Mecklenburg County Schools, Seesaw, Google Classroom and Canvas. These LMS’ streamline assignments, boost collaboration, and foster seamless communication to make the teaching and learning process more productive and meaningful. Students can complete assignments, receive feedback, and communicate with their teacher(s) all in one place.

Click here for student and parents tutorials on Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Canvas and many other tools used at MCPS.

If you run into technical issues with an LMS (Seesaw, Google Classroom or Canvas), please submit a trouble ticket to our help desk (information below).

Remote Learning Formats

Remote learning at MCPS exists in two formats: synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous learning means that the teacher and the students come together at the same time online. In MCPS, our educators utilize the web-conferencing tool, Google Meets, which allow for the live streaming of audio, video, and presentations, such as live classes or meetings, live conversations, simultaneous document editing, and more.

Asynchronous learning means that the teacher and the students  all engage with the course content at different times, from different locations. The teacher provides students with a variety of course materials which the students move through on a more flexible timeline still guided by the teacher. Examples of asynchronous course materials include assigned readings or uploaded media, online quizzes, discussion boards, and much more. The teacher sets guidelines, provides students with feedback, and assesses their work as needed.

MCPS Technology Help Desk

Need Help

For technical assistance, please contact the Virtual Help Desk at or 434-447-1291 .