Bluestone Middle School’s library and language arts teachers are pleased to announce that Claire Allen, sixth grader, is the first student this year to read all ten Virginia Readers’ Choice books. Claire is seen here in front of BMS’s VRC tree; her favorite book is The War That Saved My Life.  Mrs. Tracey Nipper and Mrs. Brandi Allen are the first teachers to also read all ten VRC books.

Each year, the Virginia State Reading Association sponsors Virginia Readers’ Choice where ten books are selected for each of the following levels: Primary, Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

The specific purpose of the Virginia Readers’ Choice Program is to encourage young readers to become better acquainted with contemporary books with outstanding literary appeal, to broaden students’ awareness of literature as a life-long pleasure, to encourage reading aloud in classrooms as a means of introducing reading for pleasure, and to honor favorite books and their authors.

The goal of the Readers’ Choice Program is for each child to read at least four books from the nominated list of ten. BMS is excited to have so many students and teachers participating in this year’s statewide reading promotion.