Dear Mecklenburg County Parent,

It is our goal to provide a safe and secure environment for our students and staff from bus stop to school and back home again. We care about your, and our, children.

We need your help to encourage students to talk through problems, seek out adult support, and avoid confrontations that may lead to physical conflict and fights. We have resources at our schools to assist you and your student in dealing with social or emotional issues that often arise in school and encourage you to reach out if you need help.

As we move closer to spring, we sometimes see increases in fights at school, on school buses, and at bus stops.  Fighting is not the answer, especially on school buses where the adult is driving the bus and innocent passengers can get injured. Our school bus drivers are dedicated to safely transporting our students and theirs is a difficult job. For a fight on the bus, our drivers are to pull over and call the police and our transportation office, but they are unable to break up fights or allow anyone off the bus until administration or law enforcement arrive. Please remember school transportation is a privilege and bus privileges may be suspended or revoked by the school administration for improper behavior on the bus.

Our school buses and school vehicles may be equipped with video cameras. In addition to any school discipline consequences for fighting (including out of school suspension), students who engage in fighting on a school bus or at school bus stops  shall have their riding privilege suspended for thirty days on their first offense, effective immediately.

We appreciate your understanding and support.