Please find the LOOM video that Mr. Nichols made to provide information about MCPS plans for opening school for the 2020-21 school year under the Governor’s health guidelines. Please complete one form per family, up to 10 students may be added to one form. The link can be found at:

Link to survey: Back to School Planning Survey

Option 1:
Hybrid Learning plan: This plan will allow for students to return to school Monday-Thursday and learn virtually Friday. Students will be assigned a week (4 days) at a time to physically attend school. The next week the student will participate virtually, and will be required to do their work from home. Assignments will be completed and graded in person and online.

Option 2:
Distance Learning plan: This plan will offer classes in an online platform only. Students will not return to school physically. All classwork will be completed and graded virtually.

**Fridays will be virtual learning days for all students.**